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Most people get mouth ulcers at some time Need warm mouth their life and, while they can be painful, they usually heal quickly by themselves and cause no other problems. Rarely, though, there are more serious conditions underlying mouth ulcers. Mouth ulcers are breaks in the moist inside surfaces mucosal Need warm mouth of the mouth.

Although generally quite small, their Need warm mouth mough range from one millimetre up to several centimetres across. Looking like a shallow crater, they usually have a grey or yellow to white appearance. Some have a raised border.

Nerves are close to the surface in the mouth, so any break Need warm mouth the membrane exposes them and causes pain. This can make eating, drinking and oral care very uncomfortable. These are small, painful ulcers that are yellow or grey with a red edge.

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They can appear alone or in groups. They may come back now and then.

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Small minor aphthous ulcers do not occur on the hard palate or gums. Most mouth ulcers require no treatment and heal on their Hotter in Pocatello within one to two weeks.

Where there is an obvious cause, managing the Need warm mouth will set the healing process in motion. Very painful ulcers can be treated with stronger moyth relief.

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Need warm mouth They may also suggest an underlying viral infection. An ulcer that does not heal after three weeks and has an unusual appearance should wwrm checked by a doctor. Rarely, they may be a sign of mouth cancer. If picked up early, mouth cancer can be treated effectively.

Mouth cancer is more likely if you are:. Ulcers Need warm mouth sores appearing on other parts of your body as well as your mouth can be caused by other conditions such as hand, foot and mouth disease or a sexually transmitted infection.

If this happens, Need warm mouth your doctor so a proper diagnosis and treatment can be offered. Looking for Support services or groups A health professional or service News from your region Patient portals Help right now View all.

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